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#BreaktheFake Blogathon 2017

#BreakTheFake Blogathon will be held on 19 November 2017 from 9 am to 5pm in Solutions Space PH, Makati City. This is a one-day activity that will tap 45 local youth leaders and students from various universities to develop impactful and informative digital content and utilise various platforms of multimedia to counter false narratives through blogs.

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#BreaktheFake Hackathon 2018

We're cooking something big next year! Watch out for #BreaktheFake Hackathon 2018!

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What We Do

Break the Fake Movement is a newly-organized independent group of young leaders from different professions and sectors committed to fighting against the spread of fake news by organizing activities and events that will engage the public especially the youth in promoting civil and ethical conversations online.


We aspire for a civilised society that is founded on moral values and respects veracity of information as a necessary modicum of constructive discourse. By working with the youth of today, we envision a future generation with a solid moral fiber and a society that harnesses youth potential for nation-building.


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